Lunch at The Crepe House!

This Saturday, we spent the day in SF before going to a holiday party hosted by one of our good friends in Lower Pac Heights 🙂 We started the day at REI – shopping for our upcoming trip to New Zealand!! After all the shopping, we were STARVING! So for a late lunch, we stopped by The Crepe House on Polk Street (recommended by my brother).

I have to say, the crepes we got totally hit the spot. A low key, cozy spot in Nob Hill – it almost looks like a coffee shop from the outside vs. an amazing crepe place! The owners and people who work there are super chill and nice – you just walk up and order, and they bring the food to your table. The menu is really cool…

I love how colorful and creative it is! And they have TONS of offerings and are willing to customize things to your liking too! We started off with two large hot teas

LOVE the ginormous coffee mugs! The two crepes we got were awesome. One was the Pesto crepe: filled with cheddar, tomatoes, avocado, pine nuts, feta, pesto and spinach!

You can’t see the filling in this picture but it was seriously the most flavorful filling / crepe I’ve EVER had! And of course, you can’t get crepes without getting one dessert crepe. So we got the Banana Nutella Crepe with Walnuts and Strawberries (with whipped creme on the side!)

It seriously doesn’t get better than that! Thanks to The Crepe House for an awesome lunch!! If you’re ever in SF – you should definitely check this place out. We’ll definitely be back again soon 🙂

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  1. will have to check this out. have not heard of it! thanks!

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