It’s All About the Math (Part 2) – Great Article From!

I found this great article at on how many calories you need to maintain or lose weight! I’ve copied the relevant portion of the article below, but you can also check it out here

To Determine How Many Calories You Need (Courtesy of

1. Estimate what your body burns through normal processes and activities. To do this, multiply your current weight in pounds by 8 and add 200. Answer: __.

2. Figure out how many calories you burn through exercise (No idea? Find out at Answer: ___.

3. Add line 1 to line 2. Total calories per day: ___. That’s how many calories you need to keep the scale right where it is.

4. To lose a pound a week (that’s a good, healthy goal), you need to either cut 500 calories a day or increase your physical activity by 500 calories a day — or do a combination of the two. So subtract 500 (or less, if you’re going to burn more with exercise) from your “total calories a day” number and go by that.

Just remember that subtracting calories doesn’t mean subtracting flavor! For instance, put soups and vegetables into meals that previously contained meat — you’ll scrimp on calories but splurge on deliciousness. Similarly, swapping sweet, sensational fruit for sticky traditional desserts leaves you satisfied rather than foraging for more later.

As you know, we’re big fans of leaving calorie counts behind and learning to let your body, stomach and brain give you the signals to stop eating when you’re satisfied and not stuffed. That means stopping when you’re no longer hungry. Really, try it!

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