Favorite food finds – healthy crackers!

I’m a big fan of crackers. They just work well in so many snacks:

– Cheese, crackers and wine

– Crackers & peanut butter topped with raisins

– Crackers with hummus or roasted red pepper dip and carrots

– Crackers as a side instead of chips when eating a sandwich

– Crackers can also be used as breadcrumbs for lots of dishes if you grind them in the food processor

Anyway – you get the picture 🙂 Crackers are yummy! The problem is, they’re usually not very healthy. Take Ritz crackers for example – only 5 of those will run you 80 calories – 50% of which come from fat! ACK. That means if you were muching on one of those Ritz tubes you could easily rack up hundreds of calories and fat without even feeling full! You could eat an entire container of Fage 0% greek yogurt sweetened with splenda and topped with fruit for about that much – and have way more nutritional value and feel much fuller! So basically, I used to stay away from crackers. But then – I found three great cracker varieties that have some nutritional value and more importantly – much fewer calories and fat! So here we go….

1) Kellogg’s All Bran Fiber Crackers

all branThese things are great because you can eat 18 of them for only 130 calories! AND you get 5g of fiber with that serving, so they turn out to be much more satisfying than any of their counterparts! They do have 38% fat, but given the low calorie and high fiber count – that’s not so bad. And these taste GREAT with all kinds of cheeses!


2) Kellogg’s Special K Crackers, Multi Grain

Special_K_Crackers_-_Multi_GrainThese are also great for their low calorie count. You can eat 24 of these for only 120 calories! And only 21% of calories come from fat. That’s pretty good. They are slightly sweeter than the All Bran crackers, and are also slightly smaller. They also have less fiber than all bran – only 2g from the 24 crackers. But they are still great as a snack! 




3) Trader Joes Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers

gorgonzola1For anyone who likes cheese flavored crackers, these are awesome! You can eat 31 of these crackers for only 140 calories! They don’t have any fiber or other nutritional value, but are really yummy paired with a low fat cream cheese or other creamy spread. And they have a great flavor on their own – for anyone who likes a hint of gorgonzola. I’m not a fan of super strong cheese (bleu cheese for example), but I love these crackers!

Hopefully this is helpful! Happy cracker eating 🙂

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